Storm Damage - Stull Road
Below are a few photos indicating the damage on Stull Road
 in the Noxen area caused by heavy rains Tuesday, June 27, 2006.  


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(Photo credit: Gene Visneski.)

(Photo credit: Gene Visneski.)


(Photo credit: Gene Visneski.)


(Photo credit: Gene Visneski.)

These pictures were taken four days after the flood.  The water had gone down considerably.  They focus on the area quite a distance up Stull Road, over a mile past the village of Stull, (just before Ayres farm).

(Photo credit:  David Dembowski)

 The two pictures above, taken from up and down stream,
show the destruction of the torrent coming around that curve in the creek. 
(Photo credit:  David Dembowski)

 The pole leaning on the bank doesn't have any wires attached anymore,
but that may have been what kept it from being swept away. 
(Photo credit:  David Dembowski)

This was a privately owned steel bridge that was swept downstream.
It's at least 10 feet wide and 50 feet long. 
The other side is barely visible in this picture. 
It has 'X' cross bracing between the two main beams.  
Imagine the force that moved this extremely weighty structure such a distance.
(Photo credit:  David Dembowski)


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