Rattlesnake Roundup

The annual Noxen Rattlesnake Roundup is held each year in June, and it serves as the biggest fundraiser for the Noxen Volunteer Fire Company. The roundup is always held on the third weekend in June. Visit their facebook page for more information! 

The snakes are NEVER harmed during this event! Hunters licensed by the Fish and Boat Commission catch, measure, and mark the snakes so that they can be promptly returned safely to the location in which they were originally found.


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to the Fire Company fairgrounds.

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Where to stay.....

If you're visiting from out of town, there are several hotels just a few minutes from the Roundup event!  Click here for details....


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Education is an important part of the event,
as the sign at left indicates.

The top sign points out a few snake "facts" and attempts to clarify the "fiction" and untruths that some people believe about the reptiles.

The bottom sign features a drawing and some key points to help visitors distinguish between venomous and non-venomous snakes.

A rattlesnake makes it's way across the ground in the contained area.

A toddler points to one of the many snakes
in the pen, held back to a safe distance
by the fencing and ropes.




A closer look at a rattlesnake

The Noxen Rattlesnake Roundup has gained popularity throughout the region and is even known in other parts of the U.S.  We've heard stories of people making the trip from Philadelphia and Cleveland, and some from as far off as Las Vegas, Nevada!

The event has been around since 1973.  It was hosted by the Noxen-Monroe Sportsmen Association through 1984.  In 1986, the Noxen Volunteer Fire Department began hosting the festivities as its primary fundraiser.  

A toddler gets her first look at a venomous snake


The Rattlesnake Roundup spans several days each year and features food, games, craft booths, live bands, and of course, a large pen filled with rattlesnakes and other non-poisonous varieties.  The snake pen is usually where you'll find the largest crowd.  People gather to get a close look at these creatures, and hopefully, to learn a few things and dispel some myths at the same time.

The snakes are not harmed during the event.  Hunters licensed by the Fish and Boat Commission catch the snakes, measure them, and mark them according to where they were found before releasing them into the pen at the fairgrounds.  All of the snakes displayed at the event are later returned unharmed to the spot in which they were found.

For more information, please contact the Volunteer Fire Company or call 570-298-2256, 298-2420, or 298-2331.

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