St. Luke's early days


There's always something going on at St. Luke's, whether it's a regular meeting or a special event. We have regular soup sales at the Hall.  Soup is $4 per quart, and rolls are $4 per dozen.  If you'd like to dine in, it's just $5 for a dish of soup, a roll, a beverage, and a dessert!  Please call 298-2065 to inquire about our next sale and to place soup orders!    

Welsh Cookie Bake

The Welsh Cookie bake is the church's biggest fund raising event.  Twice each year, usually around Easter and Christmas, volunteers get together to make enough cookies to fill the increasingly large number of orders that pour in from members, their families, and people from the community.  The popularity of these cookies increases each year.  It's a lot of work, but it's also great fun.  (And with the number of orders increasing every year, volunteers are always welcome!)  Welsh cookies are still just $3.50 per dozen.  Call 298-2065 to inquire or place your order!

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