The Congregational Dinner was held November 12th, 2006



New Parish Hall Ribbon Cutting and Open House  - October 15th, 2006

After the ribbon cutting, church members entered the new Parish Hall for a look around and a bite to eat.



Posters on display gave the congregation an opportunity to see photos 
of the work involved in turning the old parsonage became the new Parish Hall.

During the open house, candidate for state 
representative Karen Boback stopped by for a visit.

The nursery and kindergarten classroom was done in pastels.  The first and second grade classroom features gold and burgundy.

The upstairs bathroom has a lighthouse theme.  The third and fourth grade classroom features shades of blue.  The upstairs hallway provides a view of the church through the magnificent window.

With the space in the church that was formerly used for Sunday School classrooms, 
members were able to carve out space for an office and a beautiful sitting area.

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