Christmas Dinner 2002

The 2002 Christmas Season was especially busy!  The season began with the annual Christmas Dinner, held on December 8th.  


Ladies' Society Dinner

The Ladies' Society gathered on December 18th for their holiday dinner.

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Basket Project

On December 18th, the Ladies' Scoiety came together again, this time to assemble baskets of goodies for those less fortunate.

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Christmas Children's Program 2001

The Sunday School of St. Luke's performed a delightful Christmas Program during Church Service on December 16th.  Members of several different Sunday School classes read Bible selections relating the birth of Christ, while the younger children dressed up to represent the shepherds, angels, and sheep that were present at the Holy event. 



Christmas Dinner 2001

The Christmas Dinner was held on December 11th, 2001.  Christmas always seems to be the one time of year when people most want to gather and celebrate, and members of the church are no exception.  Outgoing Ladies' Society President Jane Scott took care of the decorations and members of the congregation each brought a dish to pass.  The event was fun and festive, as it is every year, with beautiful decorations, excellent, home-cooked food, and as always, warm and welcoming smiles.




Congregational Dinner 2001

The 2001 Congregational Dinner was held October 21st.  As with any church event, there was plenty of great food and good company, along with a festive fall theme.  Special thanks to Ladies' Society President Jane Scott for providing the decorations and much of the planning that goes into these events.


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 Mother's Day Dinner 2001

The Mother's Day dinner was held this year at the Pink Apple Restaurant in Tunkhannock.


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Christmas Party 2000

Another great opportunity for church members to get together is the Ladies' Society's annual Christmas Party, which was held last year on December 6th, 2000.  There's plenty of great food available at this event, too, and it's a wonderful time of the year to bring your friends and family together.  Besides, we sing Christmas Carols!  As you can see, it's always a festive occasion with beautiful decorations, great food, and plenty of holiday cheer.  And this year, we also celebrated Reverend Williams' birthday!



Congregational Dinner 2000

The Annual Congregational Dinner was held November 5th, 2000 after church service.  A meeting was held afterward to discuss church business, but there's a lot of fun to be had as well.

Everyone usually brings a dish and there's always a variety of great food to sample.  Plus, it's a great way to catch up with other members of the church and find out what has happened over the past year and what is expected to happen in the months to come.


Welsh Cookie Bake, May 2000

The Welsh Cookie bake happens two times a year and is the church's biggest fund raising event.  Volunteers gather to make the cookies from scratch, filling orders from church members, their families, and people from the community.  Below are photos from the May, 2000 cookie bake, during which volunteers made nearly 400 dozen cookies. 




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