Water damage to our church

The email below, sent by secretary Jane Scott and dated Wednesday, June 28th, 2006, was sent to members of the church community specifically describing the events following Tuesday's storm :

Hi all,
Jack, Linda and I tried to get up to the church this morning to check
the flood damage - they were not letting anyone across the bridge by the
Methodist church so we tried the back way in, but the water still looked
too deep for Linda's car, so we didn't make it. Devastation everywhere,
Noxen was hit really hard - We think a dam at Mt. Springs or somewhere
went out and flooded everything along the creek. Stull road is closed ,
I believe, and some houses up there badly damaged.
Around 1 pm we went back up with Jack's truck. The bridge by the
Methodist church was open but they wouldn't let us turn left at the T,
so we turned around and tried the back way again. We made it across with
Jack's truck. The lawn of the church is still partially flooded and
Linda and I were worried it got inside the church. Everything inside
looks okay - I worried about the sacristy because it's 2 steps lower
than the rest of the church but it's dry!! Both the church and new hall
basements are flooded. The church has water, probably 7 or 8 feet deep
(the sump pump isn't working at the church, for some reason - so we'll
have to get it pumped out quickly so the church doesn't mildew from the
dampness) - we will probably need a new furnace, water heater and
electrical service, plus most of our folding tables were stored there,
the left over insulation from the church, Loren was to use for the new
hall was down there, the Sunday school tables and some of the chairs and
we can't even remember what else, will all be ruined. The new hall has
about 6 or 7 feet of water so there again, furnace, water heater and our
brand new electrical service that's maybe 6 weeks old will need to be
replaced. We had put the dishes from the old hall in the basement to
sell at Noxen Day in July. Also, all our Welsh cookie griddles are in
the basement - I'm not sure why they were stored there. Not sure what
else is there. Thank the Lord the mixers are up in the kitchen!!
It's pretty bad, but it could have been much worse - the Sportsmen's
club across the bridge from us is pushed right off it's foundation.
Debris everywhere.
The Methodist church must have water in their basement and that's
finished with Sunday school rooms and their kitchen is down there. On
the creek side of the church it looked like the water had washed away
their parking lot right up to the church.
Please add the people of Noxen and both the churches (the Baptist church
looks okay) to your prayer lists.
Pray all of you didn't have alot of damage. We were okay up on our
"hill" but the Maple street entrance by Denmon's greenhouse in Noxen is
washed away - the road is just gone!!
As soon as we can get the basements pumped out we'll start hauling
stuff out and see what all damage there is.




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